Riverside Cemetery ~ Peace by the River


Riverside Cemetery is owned by Concordia Lutheran Church and governed by a board made up of members of the congregation.  It is located just off of WI Highway 105, about a mile west of State Highway 35 (Tower Avenue) in Superior, WI.  If you have questions about the cemetery, grave site purchase, or columbarium niche purchase, please contact the main office at Concordia Lutheran Church (715.394.3762).

Flags, flower baskets and other containers or decorations
may be placed on graves five (5) days before Memorial Day
and must be removed within fifteen (15) days thereafter.
Flowers and other decorations placed in urns or containers built into flush monuments, foot markers or other ground level markers shall be placed and removed in accordance with the same schedule.

(Riverside Cemetery Board)

Now you can access burial records of your loved ones in the below alphabetic listings.  Click on the appropriate link below for a .pdf of cemetery burial records.  

A-B   C-F   G-I   J-K   L-M   N-0   P-R   S-T   U-Z

The cementery has four blocks - #2, #3, #4 and #7.   The alphabetic listings will identify what block, plot and grave number someone is located.  You can refer to the line drawing/Map below to identify where the blocks are located.
Click here for a line drawing/Map of the cemetery.

Within blocks # 3, # 4 and # 7 you can identify where the plots are located by clicking on the appropriate Block-Plot Grave Detail Map below to identify what rows the sequential plot numbers are located in.

Block 3 Plot Grave Detail Map

Block 4 Plot Grave Detail Map

Block 7 Plot Grave Detail Map

Block # 2 is the oldest block within Riverside cementery and instead of plot numbers it uses tier (row) numbers 1 - 10 and the number of feet the grave is from the road.  

Tier 1 is the top of the hill in block 2 and tier 10 is at the bottom.  You can use the Block 2 Grave Detail Map to help you to identify where a grave is located.

Block 2 Grave Detail Map     

In column 3, if there is a GrMrker identifier, that will identify what graves have a headstone or a foot stone - this can be used to help identify graves that do not have markers.

If you need more information, please call the church office at 715.394.3762


The Columbarium at Riverside

 Niches available for $1295.  Pricing includes lettering on the unit door of name, date of birth and date of death.
Each unit will hold two cremations.



Call 715.394.3762 for more information
on niche purchase and pricing of gravesites.