The Concordian

A Newsletter of Concordia Lutheran Church – ELCA
Superior, WI       November 2019   Vol 38 No. 11

“Called to Nurture and Live our Faith, Encourage our Service, and Actively Share the Gospel”


 From the Pastor:     


Grace to you and peace from God our Father and from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Last month, I was at a class for continuing education that was centered around the work of the Holy Spirit in the church. 

Often, we might be rather uncomfortable with this, and there was a time in the history of the Lutheran church (at least in America) during which we were warned against the Charismatic movement which emphasized certain gifts of the Holy Spirit, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you remember the gasps and the raised eyebrows that accompanied conversations on the issue!

Our difficulty with the subject is natural because the Holy Spirit is not particularly observable.  We can look back sometimes, and recognize what the Holy Spirit has done in a particular situation, but might be uncertain during the time whether to attribute something to God’s actions or to something less benevolent!

In Acts 2, we read the story of the gift of the Holy Spirit to the followers of Jesus, and how the many who’d gathered together for the harvest festival began speaking languages they had never learned.  Peter stood up and addressed the crowds who stopped to witness it all (some of them accusing those speaking of being drunk).  He referred to the prophet Joel, who had proclaimed God’s word, saying, “I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams. Even upon my slaves, both men and women, in those days I will pour out my Spirit; and they shall prophesy.”

However, I will be the first to declare that not all dreams are prophecy!  While at that conference, I had a (very brief) dream that I shared with a person impacted which turned out to be significant, but we can rarely be certain about such things, just as a meteorologist can relate percentages but not certainties with expected weather!

It may be coincidental, but I believe it is no accident that this comparison comes to mind.  After all, the Holy Spirit is called “spirit,” which is the same as “wind” or “breath” in both the language of the book of Joel (Hebrew) and of the New Testament (Greek).  Even Jesus speaks of this in John 3 in his conversation with Nicodemus.  Jesus raises the issue, and says that just as we cannot see the wind, the Spirit’s work will often not be visible to us. 

Therefore, we believe, with the faith we are given.  We trust in God’s love for us, and that God’s Spirit will indeed work with us in proclaiming God’s love and care for this com-munity and all the world. 

Let God’s Holy Spirit inspire our dreams to influence our lives and our work, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  Amen.


Parish Nursing Notes

Somehow, as I think about topics for the November newsletter, my thoughts always turn to “thankfulness” and “gratitude” rather than health topics.  Part of the reason is likely because of the approaching Thanksgiving holiday.  But I also think a big part of the reason is due to the beauty of the fall season.  Every morning when I wake up and sit on the edge of the bed, I see the beautiful yellow, red, and gold leaves on the trees outside my window.  And I can’t help but say a prayer of thanks for the beauty God has created.  And that feeling of thankfulness accompanies me all day, energizing me, lifting my spirits, and putting a spring in my step.  It makes me aware of the other gifts in my life, and inspires me to want to spread those gifts around and share them with others.

I read a devotional lately that stated we, as individuals, are more likely to turn to God in prayer when we are at the low points in our lives—times of despair, or loss, or hardship.  And that is good!  We know that God will always be there beside us in those bad times, so we are never alone.  It also said that perhaps it is good that we have some of those bad times, or we might never turn to God, or acknowledge His presence in our lives.  And that is sad!  We need to turn to God on sunny days as well as when we are in the depths of despair.

On Facebook lately, I saw a “Gratitude” list, coupled with her “to-do” list, that was obviously written by a harried mother.  One of the items on her list was, “Have to clean the toilets.”  That equated to, “We have indoor plumbing.”  “The house is a mess!” equated to, “We have a p lace to live.”  Another was, “Spent the whole evening helping kids with homework,” which equated to, “The kid’s brains are growing.”  The last item on her list was obviously written at the end of the day, “I am dead tired and ache in every bone in my body!”  That also was equated to a statement of gratitude, “I am alive and I can do work.”

I know not all things can easily be looked in a positive way, but most days will have at least one thing that can be viewed positively, and worthy of thanks.  Even if it is only the beautiful leaves.  If you can put everything else aside for just a moment, and focus on the gift of the leaves, it can lift your spirits.  To be grateful, regardless of life’s circumstances, you can count simple blessings, like the woman mentioned above.  Look at ordinary everyday things that we take for granted and consider what a gift they really are.

We can also give thanks to God by thanking others.  Rev. Billy Graham wrote, “God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with.  When both our hands are busy, we achieve balance and serenity.”  By intentionally thanking someone for their actions or presence, you bring God’s love to them…….and it costs you nothing!  And it benefits you!

Practicing gratitude in itself is beneficial to our health.  Research has shown that it can make you happier and healthier—both emotionally and physically.  Thankful people tend to take better care of themselves—exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, and seeking regular medical care.  It also builds positive feelings.  One large study suggests that the positive personal attributes linked to expressing gratitude may actually help prevent heart disease.  It found that people who regularly express their feelings of gratitude tend to: get more and better sleep at night; have fewer headaches, nausea, episodes of pain and other symptoms of illness; experience less stress; have greater resistance to disease; have a greater sense of well-being; and view life a pleasurable, interesting, and exciting.

So remember Psalm 107:1, “O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His steadfast love endures forever.”  Give thanks to God, and to others, and both you and they will reap the benefits!   Stay happy, happy and grateful……





Tatum Baker,
Lynette Erickson,
Patti Gramstrup,
Donna Hansen,
Cody Hanson,
Gale Hicks,
Jared Johnson,
Heidi Kadrmas,
Jamie Lawler,
Robert Lee,
Victory King-Lewis,
William Ledin,
Casey Lott,
Joy Moncel,
Gretchen Nelson,
Benjamin Norbie,
Julianne Norbie,
Cathy Olsen,
Brittany Phillips,
Eric Phillips,
Eleanor Piiranen,
Gerald Rowell,
Karen Severson,
Brooks Viggiano,
Jared Wojtoff,
Mason Zimmer


Bible Study

We will be starting a Bible Study class on Mondays at 10:00.  This first session will last for seven weeks, from November 4 through December 16.

This first session will be on “Signs of the Kingdom:  Studies in Matthew.”

Anyone desiring to participate, but unavailable in the daytime, please contact Pastor Michelle Rowell, and we will work out a compatible schedule.








Greetings from the Library Team!

Life has a way of interrupting our routine.  But we plan on working in the library the first and third Thursdays of each month.  Stop by to see what projects we are working on and have a cup of coffee.

Our big project is weeding out dated books with plans of putting them in the spring rummage sale,

We are always looking for helping hands. 

May your Thanksgiving be a blessed one!  See you in the library!



This year's Advent Tea is on December 8.

Please bring your favorite Christmas cookies to share at the Advent Tea Luncheon. Cookies should be delivered to the Church on Thursday, December 5th or by noon on
Sunday, December 8th.





Constitution Update!

Remember that we have our second vote on the proposed changes to our constitution at our Annual Meeting January 26, 2020 after worship.

There are also some new changes that were adopted by the Churchwide Assembly in August that can be passed with just one vote.  The new constitution with all changes included will be in the annual report. 

If you wish to review all the changes side-by-side, we can email a copy to you.  If you prefer to review a paper copy, we can make one for you upon request, or you can view the one available in the office.

Organ Fund:  $25,310.69 of $36,000 raised
as of October 20, 2019
Your donations are greatly appreciated

November 13

Ladies will meet at 5:00 p.m.
At Tavern 105

Men will meet at 5:30
At Hacienda






We filled the bus with winter coats, snow pants, boots, hats and mittens
for delivery to the
Family Forum Head Start center in October.

Larger sized items went to
Northern Light Elementary. 
Sue Martin collected 68 jackets,
 52 snow pants, 26 pair of boots
and many hats, mittens and scarves with money from the Benevolence Fund.

Thanks to Sue Martin, Bear Rowell, Ken and Debi Harmer for delivering the winter gear.
It will keep these little ones warm this winter.



~ November 2019 ~














Office Closed



10a-11a Confirmation Class


3 Daylight Saving Time Ends

9a-10a Sunday School

10a-11a Worship



8:30a-2:30p Office is open

10:00 Bible Study

1p-7p Violin Teaching Studio

3:30p-7:30p BoeDee's Music Instruction (2nd Floor)

6p-8p BoyScouts


5 Election Day

8:30a-2:30p Office is open

9a-9:30a Staff Meeting

10:30a-11:30a Pastor's Text Study (Pilgrim)

3p-5p Violin Teaching Studio

3:30p-7:30p BoeDee's Music Instruction (2nd Floor)

4p-8:15p Just For Kix


8:30a-2:30p Office is open

10a-11a Altar Guild

3:30p-7:30p BoeDee's Music Instruction (2nd Floor)

3:30p-5p Confirmation Class
(Concordia Lutheran)


8:30a-2:30p Office is open

10a-11a Library Workers

3:30p-7p BoeDee's Music Instruction (2nd Floor)


Office Closed



10a-11a Confirmation Class


9a-10a Sunday School

10a-11a Worship

11:15 Church Council


11 Veterans' Day

8:30a-2:30p Office is open

10:00 Bible Study

1p-7p Violin Teaching Studio

3:30p-7:30p BoeDee's Music Instruction (2nd Floor)

6p-8p BoyScouts

6p-7p Property Management Committee



8:30a-2:30p Office is open

9a-9:30a Staff Meeting

10:30a-11:30a Pastor's Text Study (Pilgrim)

3p-5p Violin Teaching Studio

3:30p-7:30p BoeDee's Music Instruction (2nd Floor)

4p-8:15p Just For Kix


8:30a-2:30p Office is open

3:30p-7:30p BoeDee's Music Instruction (2nd Floor)

3:30p-5p Confirmation Class
 (Concordia Lutheran)


8:30a-2:30p Office is open

2p-2:30p Superior Rehab Worship (Superior Rehab)

3:30p-7p BoeDee's Music Instruction (2nd Floor)


Office Closed



10a-11a Confirmation Class




9a-10a Sunday School

10a-11a Worship



8:30a-2:30p Office is open

10:00 Bible Study

1p-7p Violin Teaching Studio

3:30p-7:30p BoeDee's Music Instruction (2nd Floor)

6p-8p BoyScouts

Worship & Music 6pm


Newsletter Articles Due

8:30a-2:30p Office is open

9a-9:30a Staff Meeting

10:30a-11:30a Pastor's Text Study (Pilgrim)

11:30a-1p Superior Area Ministerium (Essentia Hospital)

1:30p-2:30p Harmony House Worship

3p-5p Violin Teaching Studio

3:30p-7:30p BoeDee's Music Instruction (2nd Floor)

4p-8:15p Just For Kix


8:30a-2:30p Office is open

3:30p-7:30p BoeDee's Music Instruction (2nd Floor)

3:30p-5p Confirmation Class
(Concordia Lutheran)

21 Great American Smokeout

8:30a-2:30p Office is open

10a-11a Library Workers

3:30p-7p BoeDee's Music Instruction (2nd Floor)


Office Closed

9:00 Lefse making



9:00 Lefse making

10a-11a Confirmation Class




9a-10a Sunday School

10a-11a Worship

11aRaising of the Trees



8:30a-2:30p Office is open

10:00 Bible Study

1p-7p Violin Teaching Studio

3:30p-7:30p BoeDee's Music Instruction (2nd Floor)

6p-8p BoyScouts



8:30a-2:30p Office is open

9a-9:30a Staff Meeting

10:30a-11:30a Pastor's Text Study (Pilgrim)

3p-5p Violin Teaching Studio

3:30p-7:30p BoeDee's Music Instruction (2nd Floor)

4p-8:15p Just For Kix


8:30a-2:30p Office is open

3:30p-7:30p BoeDee's Music Instruction (2nd Floor)

28 Thanksgiving Day

Office is Closed



Office Closed







Special Music for Christmas

We will try to gather a group of bell ringers for Christmas Eve this year.  We’re thinking about six rehearsals, performance on Christmas Eve, and done.  (Maybe do that again for Easter.)  Sign-up sheet is on the board in the hallway .  Rehearsals will be scheduled according to participants' availability.


If you are interested in participating in a vocal group from Concordia for a Superior-wide performance Saturday, December 7 (maybe repeated Christmas Eve here), please contact Beth Sobczak at












Christmas Trees in the Sanctuary

Please join us after Worship on Sunday

November 24th to put up the 2 trees in the

Altar area. The altar guild will have a

Workday on the 26th to put up the wreaths

So that the sanctuary will be ready for the

First day of Advent







Lefse Making

Have you always wanted to learn how to make Lefse?  Or are you a seasoned maker?  We would love to have everyone no matter their skill level join us on November 21st, 22nd &/or 23rd to make peel, boil and rice potatoes, then roll the dough then flip and fry the lefse. 
BONUS:  sampling hot off the griddle! A lefse making sign up sheet is on the bulletin board outside of the office.  We are also looking for griddles, ricers and flipping sticks if you have some for us to use.














Save the Date

February 9, 2020

Concert Fundraiser

For the Organ


 Beth Sobczak, and………….





Altar Flowers for November

November 3
In Memory of Merrill & Louise Hoven by Jane Hoven Meehan & Family

November 10
In Honor of niece Amy & her husband Jack serving in the military by Jane Pietrowski

November 17
In memory of Jim Hanson by Karla Hanson, Kris, Marcie, Ben, Keegan and Conlan Hanson

November 24
In memory of  Albert C & Margaret Banker by Gary & Carol Banker


Poinsettias will be purchased by the Altar Guild to decorate the chancel for Christmas.  If you wish to memorialize or honor a loved one, you may make a donation in any amount to the Altar Guild Poinsettia Fund.  A list of those memorialized or honored will be in the Christmas bulletin.


In memory (deceased) of:


In honor (living) of:


(Checks payable to Altar Guild Flower Fund and are due by December 18)








Your Church Council members, working
together with you in ministry:

President:  John Gronski 218.340.1813

Vice President:  Shawn Quist 218-940-5896

Secretary:  Carol Lindegren 218.590.8238

Kris Hanson 715 977-1260

Matthew Eastman 218.409.9174

Jan Lippitt 715.394.9158

Nancy O’Neill 218.391.6141

Eric Sewall 715.392.1559

Lori Sewall 715.392.1559

Concordia Cares Committee:  
            Jan Lippitt

Investment Committee:  
            Nancy O’Neill

            Carol Lindegren

            Shawn Quist,  
            John Gronski,
            Eric Sewall

            John Gronski,
            Kris Hanson

Youth and Family:  
            Carol Lindegren

Worship and Music:
            Matthew Eastman,
            Eric Sewall,
            Lori Sewall

Property Management:  
            Matthew Eastman,
            Shawn Quist

            John Gronski,
            Kris Hanson

 Richard & Nancy Erickson

Jeffrey & Jennifer Kloss

Douglas & Mary Score


The DEADLINE for articles and announcement in the next issue of “The Concordian” is November 19

Concordian Helpers November 26 at 9:00 am.

Thanks for marking this on your calendar!


Benevolence Committee Meeting

Next meeting will be
November 3 at 11:00 a.m


Faith Affirmed
Sunday, October 27

Keagan Hanson

Savanna Hering

Conlan Hanson




Serving in November

November 3                          Team III Joyce Olson
November 10                           Team I Doug Score
November 17                           Team II Eric Sewall
November 24                   Team IV Jarrett Gronski

Bus Driver
November 3                                             Pete Quist
November 10                                        Ken Harmer
November 17                                      John Gronski
November 24                                       Kris Hanson

Scripture Readers
November 3                                           Matt Ketola
November 10                                      John Gronski
November 17                                        Bear Rowell
November 24                                   Diane Krueger

(Readings may be picked up in the office the prior week.  If they are not picked up, we will mail them to the reader.)

Altar Servers
November 3          Joy Moncel & Carol Lindstrom
November 10        Joy Moncel & Carol Lindstrom
November 17        Joy Moncel & Carol Lindstrom
November 24        Joy Moncel & Carol Lindstrom

Coffee Kiosk Servers
November 3                                         Shawn Quist
November 10                                         Eric Sewall
November 17                                     Matt Eastman
November 24                                                  CLCW

Financial Assistants
Bill O’Neill & LeRoy Eliason

Communion Assistants
November 3                           Linda & Dennis Aho
November 10                          Mike & Joyce Olson

Memorial Fund

Organ Fund

In memory of:                                                                        Given By:

Gloria DeBruyne                          Eunice Grimsrud

Lillian Brayton         Barbara & Kenneth Johnson

Bus Fund

Ellen Pietrowski                        Ann Marie Novack


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